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HLP Klearfold Wins AmeriStar Award for  Klearfold® Keeper Child-Resistant  Cannabis Packaging. As Seen in 2019  Pack Expo Las Vegas Show Daily

CR cannabis pack wins AmeriStar

Patent-pending tray and sleeve package withstands repeated opening and relocking.

A clear polyethylene terephthalate (PET) tray and sleeve locks and unlocks to protect kids from cannabis products. The patent-pending design combines brand-building and protective qualities and was recognized by the judging panel at the 2019 AmeriStar Packaging Awards Competition, organized by the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP, Booth C-1361).

Reportedly the first of its kind, the Klearfold® Keeper CR certified child-resistant (CR) cannabis package from HLP Klearfold (Booth LS-6531) satisfies the criteria set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) for CR closures. The tray and sleeve are made of box-grade PET, recycled PET with 30% post-consumer-recycled content or bio-PET, which is partially derived (30%) from plant-based sources.

The PET exhibits greater tear-resistance and durability than paperboard, and the package’s glue seams, often a failure point in fiber-based CR cartons, are chemically bonded to provide an added measure of security. In addition, the PET offers the resiliency needed to withstand the repeated opening and relocking associated with multi-dose products.

Following the instructions printed on the package, an adult can easily unlock the package with a thumb press on a release tab that extends from the face of the outer carton. Pressing this release tab also disengages a locking tab on the internal vacuum-formed tray from a slot die-cut in the carton’s sidewall, allowing the tray to slide out. To relock the package, the tray is pushed back into the carton until the tab re-engages the first locking slot.
The Klearfold Keeper CR pack is currently available in two sizes, and its vacuum-formed trays can be customized to accommodate the product to be packed. 
Since sleeves are made from a clear substrate, printed graphics determine how much of the carton is opaque (printed) and how much transparency remains. This allows brand owners to expose as much or as little of the package’s contents as desired, whether they are selling vape cartridges, concentrates, prerolls, edibles or other forms of cannabis. A completely opaque package is possible with 100% ink coverage. 

“We could not be more pleased by this official IoPP recognition,” states Steve Frazier, president of HLP Klearfold. “While creating this unique, transparent CR package and testing to the CPSC protocol, it became apparent that test-subject children (42-51 months old) were more motivated to try to get inside of a Klearfold Keeper CR package because they could see its contents. In order to stand up to this extra attention, the Keeper CR had to provide security commensurate with this increased attention level of highly motivated children.”

For more information, visit www.hlpklearfold.com. SD

Delivered pre-assembled, Klearfold Keeper CR cartons are customizable, available in a variety of sizes and require no machinery to set up or fill.

HLP Klearfold Wins AmeriStar Award for  Klearfold® Keeper Child-Resistant  Cannabis Packaging. As Seen in 2019  Pack Expo Las Vegas Show Daily