HLP Klearfold


HLP Klearfold is a certified member of C-TPAT, the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism. C-TPAT is a voluntary, joint effort between the United States government and businesses that import goods into the US. The C-TPAT initiative recognizes that border security is much more efficient when Customs involves businesses in the process of securing and inspecting cargo. It builds cooperative relationships that strengthen and improve overall international supply chain and U.S. border security.

In addition to helping the United States fight terrorism, C-TPAT membership helps HLP Klearfold ensure a more secure and expeditious supply chain for our customers. US shipments from members of C-TPAT are considered low-risk and therefore are less subject to US Customs inspection, which can delay delivery of products to US companies. And if shipments must be inspected by US Customs, C-TPAT members’ shipments are given priority and are routed to the front of customs lines.