HLP Klearfold

HLP Klearfold: The Visual Packaging Innovator and Market Leader

HLP Klearfold:

The Visual Packaging Innovator and Market Leader

HLP Klearfold is the clear packaging specialist… the company manufactures visual packaging exclusively and has been doing so for over 40 years. It is the world's largest and most accomplished producer of plastic folding cartons and a leading provider of custom thermoforming and clear plastic tubes and rounds.

Steve Frazier, HLP Klearfold's President, explains, "We create packaging that is well-beyond ordinary. Our visual packaging is innovative, functional, and helps unlock a brand's potential." Frazier continues, "We are the visual packaging market leader and innovator, employing the most advanced printing, decorating and converting technologies available."


HLP Klearfold is the world leader in radio frequen cy (RF) creasing of plastics. While other creasing methods can produce stiff or fragile scores, the company's proprietary
Soft Crease®RF creasing technology ensures that Klearfold® cartons fold precisely, have clean lines, are more durable, and maintain their crisp shape. HLP Klearfold has pioneered the development of RF creasing on environmentally-preferred APET (amorphous polyester) and RPET (recycled-content polyester) box-grade plastics. The uniformity and consistency of Soft Crease scoring provides superior performance in both hand-fill and high-speed, automated filling applications.


HLP Klearfold offers two options for visual packages with distinctive geometries… patented InSight®  and the patent-pending Klearfold® Keeper. Both packages are essentially tubes with printed plastic sleeves as the primary component. An InSight package is completed with locking, injection molded end caps while the Klearfold Keeper is finished with a locking vacuum-formed tray. The cross-section of the end caps and vac-formed trays determine profiles of the packages.

Both InSight and Klearfold Keeper packages can be designed in a near endless variety of profiles, including oval, round, rectangle, square, and trapezoid, and both systems provide package security without the use of wafer seals or sonic, RF, or heat sealing. Of the two packagingsystems, Klearfold Keeper is the more cost effective choice for lower volume applications while InSight is more cost effective for volumes of 250,000 pieces or more.


HLP Klearfold has recently invested in a new, state-of-the-art, 13-color web flexo printing press. The press produces Klearfold® plastic folding cartons, with exceptional print quality, very cost-effectively. The wide format press has one rotogravure printing station and 12 web flexo stations, which can be configured to print on either side of the web. In addition, cold foil units and rotary silkscreen stations can be interchanged with any of the web flexo stations. This remarkable new press allows HLP Klearfold to accomplish in a single printing pass, what would have required five or more passes using traditional UV offset printing, with off-line silk screen printing and foil stamping.

Flexo printing on plastic substrates produces bolder, more vibrant and more opaque colors. UV flexo and gravure inks both offer excellent color stability, and dazzling metallic, fluorescent and pearlescent printing. UV flexo also offers exceptional four-color process with up to 200-line screens for high-fidelity photographic print reproduction.

In addition to producing a raised, tactile effect, rotary silkscreen printing provides a very effective "insulating" layer, preventing the show-through of graphics printed on both the front side and backside of a transparent material.

"HLP Klearfold is fully committed to the visual packaging market", says Frazier, "We believe that our investment in this leading-edge, web-flexo technology represents a step change in the manufacture of premium-quality clear packaging products, and it further demonstrates our resolve to remain the visual packaging market leader".
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