HLP Klearfold Wins Two 2015 AmeriStar Packaging Awards from IoPP

Honored for Polaroid Cube and for BlackSquare Technologies' Enigma encryption/decryption hardware package.

HLP Klearfold, the leading global supplier of visual packaging, is the recipient of two of the Institute of Packaging Professionals' 2015 AmeriStar packaging awards. The winners were announced and posted online on June 29, 2015 on the IoPP web site. "We could not be more excited about these two dynamic package wins," notes Steve Frazier, President of HLP Klearfold. "It is demonstrable proof of our commitment to product innovation, design excellence and inspired execution."

The first award was for the Polaroid Cube™, a small, simple-to-use and affordable action camera packaged in a Klearfold® plastic carton that showcases the product and its incredible small size. This direct view also emphasizes the camera's simplicity and appeals to a broader mass consumer audience than the action camera category's well-known GoPro®Both the camera and its packaging were designed by The Ammunition Group for C&A Marketing, an authorized Polaroid licensee and marketer of the Cube. Top and bottom white pyramid-shaped thermoformed pedestals cushion the camera within the clear carton and give the illusion that it is floating within the package. They also serve to conceal the product' s Quick-Start guide and the supplied USB cable, thus preserving the overall clean, minimalistic appearance.

The Klearfold cartons are made with sturdy 20 pt. box-grade APET and offset printed four-color process, plus two special colors and two whites. The pyramid pedestals are thermoformed using a 20 pt. white polystyrene.

HLP Klearfold' s other AmeriStar winner was equally unique. BlackSquare Technologies selected the patented Klearfold® Keeper to launch their unique Enigma USB hardware device, which encrypts (and decrypts) files and folders on computers, external drives, or in the cloud.

The Klearfold Keeper is a unique visual packaging system that combines a printed plastic sleeve and a locking vacuum-formed tray to create a secure and distinctive shelf presence. The vac-tray presents the Enigma as if it was floating within the package and conveys the sense of product simplicity and ease of use. The Keeper offers easy and efficient hand filling, as well as a thumb-notch perforation in a corner of the clear plastic sleeve, providing a unique, easy-opening feature.

The Enigma' s sleeve is made of 14 pt. APET and printed seven color UV offset, one color silkscreen, plus a UV coating. The fold-over thermoformed tray is produced from 18 pt. APET.

HLP Klearfold is the world' s largest and most accomplished producer of visual packaging, a manufacturing and printing specialty for over 45 years. A member of the Hip Lik Group of Hong Kong, the company has a world-class production facility in Shenzhen, China and continues to invest in the latest technologies, such as state-of-the-art 13-color combination printing equipment and the proprietary Soft Crease® radio frequency scoring process.

For more information, contact: HLP Klearfold, 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 808, New York, NY 10038, (888) 457-7225, www.hlpklearfold.com.