Soft Crease® Scoring

HLP Klearfold is the world leader in radio frequency (RF) creasing.  While other methods produce stiff or fragile scores and sharp edges, our proprietary Soft Crease® scoring technology uses RF energy to cause a controlled displacement of material from the score lines.  This results in more uniform creases, with less folding resistance, ensuring that Klearfold clear cartons fold precisely, have clean lines, and maintain their crisp shape.  

Our Soft Creased Klearfold plastic boxes are the most recommended by automated filling line equipment manufacturers.  The precision and uniformity of Soft Creases ensure that Klearfold cartons run efficiently on even the highest speed cartoner equipment.  And for hand-fill applications, Klearfold auto-bottom style clear plastic boxes set up quickly and easily. Time and motion studies have revealed a significant labor cost savings (up to 30%) over standard tuck cartons.