Klearfold® Keeper

Klearfold® Keeper is a patented packaging system that provides a distinctive shelf presence.  It is comprised of a printed plastic sleeve that locks to a fold-over vacuum-formed tray that has been fabricated to conform to the shape of the product and to the desired cross-sectional profile.

Klearfold Keeper offers simple and efficient hand-filling… the product is loaded into the vac-tray and the sub-assembly slides into the plastic sleeve.  In-folded tabs on the sleeve engage a specially designed flange on the vac-form, locking the two components securely together, without the need for wafer seals or the use of sonic, RF, or heat-sealing equipment.  

A thumb-notch perforation in a corner of the sleeve provides an easy-opening feature. Removing the thumb-notch also removes the lock, allowing the tray to be easily disengaged from the clear sleeve.

US Patent Number: 8,936,188